Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business
Creating a super successful food product, one that flies off the shelves - this isn't just  a dream. It is truly possible...

... you just need to know how.
Make Your Food Dream A Reality
"We were able to halve our product development timeline and increase sales significantly thanks to Start Your Food Business's mentoring" 

- Andi
We will help you channel your passion for food into your dream business

Learn the exact steps, skills and techniques that you can use time and time again to create your successful dream food business ...

... with a step-by-step guided program where you are mentored by experienced food industry experts 
Running a successful food business does not have to be scary, overwhelming or expensive...

...with the right support and tools to guide your path to delicious success!
Enrol now, program begins 3rd Sept
… Yet most food entrepreneurs aren’t making anywhere near that kind of income. And on top of that, they’ve been creating and launching their food businesses through trial and error, the expensive, long-winded and old-school way.

So even though their food product might have hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars of potential sales, it either wasn't right for the market, was too expensive to produce or was simply not on trend... so they don’t generate that profit…..

...Which is a huge waste! 
Why you need a food business mentor...
Simple: When you start your food business, when you dream of that amazing, creative, delicious and most importantly, successful business - you hope to make thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales in a few years...
Just think how many talented and passionate food entrepreneurs have burned out before they even made their first $10,000!
Do you need a food business mentor?
Imagine yourself in 6 months time ...
✔️ You feel organised, excited and confident
✔️ You feel supported with your network of trustworthy partners and mentors (thats us!)
✔️ You have created and launched a successful food product - customers are queuing up to buy from you!
✔️ You are smashing your business goals and achieving unimaginable success
... and because you are confident, organised and on trend, customers love you and your product. They become your biggest advocates, driving more sales, more followers and more income...
Is this your dream?
Michelle Walsh | Founder of The Chili Project
What a fantastic program! It provides you with all the necessary information and tools to successfully launch your food product into the Australian market. The level of personalised support that comes with this program is phenomenal and I would highly recommend this course to anybody starting out in the industry, or even as a refresher for recently launched products.
So why join this program?
You may have passion for food, a personal connection and incredible knife skills... but can you compete with the massive marketing budgets the big guys have? Their sensory panels, commercial testing kitchens or the chefs that are creating their recipes?

What if you want to create and launch a new food product - while also juggling other jobs and family commitments? 

What if you have limited funds and need to fit your venture into those few hours left between work, family and chores?

And even once you do create your food product, what if you are exhausted,overwhelmed and struggling to make YOUR food product visible in a crowded shopping aisle?
... and they have a panel of experienced and qualified food industry experts helping them!
Because your competitors are already creating new food products faster, cheaper and quicker than you are...
Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business
Is a 6 month guided online mentoring program to help passionate and creative food entrepreneurs leverage their skills with food to create innovative and successful food products
This online program will show you a new way to create and launch food products. It takes all the effort, guesswork, stress, and trial and error out of food entrepreneurship.

In this program you will create a food business strategy for your business and learn the techniques of food product development that the most successful food businesses in Australia use.

It’s about taking your skills, ideas and passion for food and turning it into a commercially successful food product - so you can achieve your dream of generating income and nurturing people through your food.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to research, develop, create, test and launch a SUCCESSFUL and INNOVATIVE food product in Australia — that is, food products that are on trend, optimised for sales, scalable and guaranteed to achieve amazing results

And you'll learn how to achieve this in the shortest time and smallest cost possible because every one of your hard earned dollars needs to be used wisely so you get the best returns from the investment you make in your passion!
As seen on...
- Amber
I'm feeling so much more confident after talking with Megna. She was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to offer practical guidance on a few issues, as well as ask the right questions to help me find blind spots I didn't know I had. 
Her experience was incredibly valuable and she helped me to see the short and long term possibilities and challenges in my budding business. There's many things to consider starting a food business and it can be quite overwhelming but she covered them all with ease. Thank you Megna!
Any of these sound familiar?
You believe that your food product will truly be a hit with the customers ... once they get their hands on it!
You are ready to take your food venture to the next level.. from idea to sales.. from your kitchen to the shopping aisles!
You look at people with their successful, money-making food products and wonder what magical secrets they know.. and you missed out on!
Then this online program was tailor made for you!
Are you ready to make your food dream a reality?
+ 24-week guided online mentoring program
+ 6 group coaching calls with food business consultant Megna
+ 24 weekly Facebook live calls

+ Weekly online and video lessons
+ Instructional videos
+ Private Facebook group
+ Partner directory of Australian suppliers and manufacturers

All program members also get ...
+ Lifetime access to online material
Instant access to all future updates 
+ Certificate of completion
Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business
Understand your target customer and learn how to market to them
The Curriculum
Protect your business, your idea, your recipes and your IP
Choose the right business structure for your venture
Choose the right name for your business and products
We show you where to get help with various business challenges
Learn industry techniques to develop a new food product
How to manufacture your food product
How to run your home based food business
What is contract manufacturing and how to choose the right partners
Different packaging methods and the ones that are best for you
How to test your food product so it is ready for sale
Learn how to maintain food safety standards
Your food products need the right labels
How to make claims like gluten free, organic, vegan, etc.
Choose the right price for your product
How to finance your food business
Insurance essentials for food business owners
Tax tips for food business owners
Learn how to scale your food business with more sources of income
A guide through different ways in which you can sell your products
Learn how to develop a brand for your food business
Different marketing methods and strategies for food products
Ready to launch! End the program with practical advice from experts
All program members also get ...
+ Lifetime access to online material
+ FREE Instant access to all future updates including new templates, lessons and videos
+ Certificate of completion
Food suppliers and tips to find the right one for your business
Not only this but also...
You will join a private Facebook group where you will learn alongside your fellow entrepreneurs
Private Facebook Group
You will get access to a supplier and manufacturer directory to help you kick start your food business venture
Every month, you will jump on a LIVE group coaching call with an expert where you can get help tailored for your business
6 x Group Coaching Calls
Every week you will get to join a Facebook Live video to go over the lesson for the week, set goals and celebrate wins!
24 x Weekly FB Lives
This complete 6-month online mentoring program will help you to create your dream food business
Are you ready to make your food dream a reality?
- Michelle
This progam is a unique concept and will definitely help lots of people launch their products with all the information readily available to support the process!
This whole program is designed to slide seamlessly into your business
You’ll have all the support you need.
We will support you on this journey to success and business growth. In our private community, you’ll have the Start Your Food Business team plus a whole circle of other food business owners for  support and motivation.

We kick-off with a Welcome Facebook Live
We’ll get this program off to the best start possible with a Facebook Live in our private group where we will get started with the first module and set our goals for the next 24 weeks.

24 Weekly Facebook Lives
We will be doing live streams in the private Facebook group every week on to go through specific lessons, answer your questions and connect with each other.

6 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
Every month we will jump on a monthly coaching call to go over the lessons from the past 4 weeks, share our achievements and celebrate our wins!

Learn in your lounge room.
The online platform means you can access the materials wherever and whenever suits you. And they’re yours to access and keep forever. Not only do you get lifetime access but you also get access to all future updates, new lessons, videos and resources for FREE

Always there for you
This system will work for your first food product, or your next one... and the one after that... and the one after that. Simply return to the lessons whenever you need a refresher.

The journey starts September 1st 2018
So you put your learnings into action from your first month!
Watch this video
AUD $2,997
Best Value 
1 payment of $2,997
Early Bird Investment
Most Flexible Option
6 monthly payments of $547
AUD $547
Spread The Payments
24 weekly payments of $137
AUD $137
Program begins 3rd September
How is the program run?

Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business is a 24-week mentoring program consisting of online modules, group coaching, downloadable templates, live teaching videos and more. When you join the program, you will be mentored directly by a food business expert and guided on a step-by-step journey towards your dream food business
What format is the course content delivered in?

You will get your own login and password for our members’ area so you can access the course materials at any time. You will also be added to the private Facebook group where Facebook lives and group coaching is conducted
Do you offer any refunds?

Short answer is no. Longer answer is, we’ve filled this program with everything you could possibly need to help you fulfil your dream of a successful food business. The content included in the program is highly valueable and is delivered in a guided and repeatable format. Due to the combination of the discounted services offered and provision of copyrighted products at varying times, we do not offer a refund. That being said, if you have any questions, concerns or problems along the way, we’d love you to let us know.
Can you guarantee that my food business will be super successful?

As much as we want to, unfortunately, we can not give that guarantee. The content in this program will help you on your business journey but the success of your business depends on you. What we can guarantee is that this program and the guidance of an expert mentor will help you immensely towards achieving your food business goals
Who runs the course?

The course is run by us, Aarjit and Megna. We are experienced food business owners, food technologists and the founders of food business consultancy Start Your Food Business. We understand what it is like to be a growing food business owner in Australia so we know exactly what information you need to succeed.
Or you can save time, money and effort and get the tried and trusted roadmap to success by learning how to create innovative food products that everyone wants a taste of!
You can spend another year and thousands of dollars on your food business, only to hear crickets as the customers shop elsewhere ...
How long can I access the program?

The program is a guided 6 month mentoring program. You will have lifetime access to the program and all included content. If for any reason we have to terminate the offering, you’ll be given 6 months notice of the site closure. 

Moreover, you will also automatically get access to all future updates, new lessons, videos and resources for FREE. 

Group coaching and private Facebook group access is available for the duration of the program
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you ready to transform your food business?
How much time do I need to commit to the program?

This program is designed to fit into the busy schedule of a real-life business owner - a real a person who may have a family, certainly has a social life and other commitments!

New educational content is released each week, and we hold live group coaching calls every week too. All of the resources are stored in the portal for you, so if you don’t get to them straight away (because you’re busy, or you’re away on a holiday or whatever) they will still be there for you when you are ready.

That goes for the coaching calls too, by the way — a recording of each call will be available to you so you can join live or replay it later whenever you feel ready or have the time.
This is us... 
We are Aarjit and Megna, food business owners, food technologists, consultants and the founders of Start Your Food Business

We work with food business owners like yourself to envision, create and launch successful and innovative food products into the Australian market

Join us on this journey to food business success in the Everything You Need To Start Your Food Business program
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